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What Should I be Doing?

An individual assessment needs to be done to tailor a preventive program specific to your needs. Are you reading between the lines here?  Maybe I need to spell it out a little more clearly: "Come in and lets us have a look!!"  While you're procrastinating about when you'll make an appointment, have a go at a few of the following recommendations.  It could do you a lot of good.

High Risk Patients

A short intensive course of a Chlorhexidine mouthwash (such as Colgate Savacol) has been shown to kill the bacteria that cause decay.  Hold 10ml in the mouth for 4 minutes twice a day immediately after brushing.  This process should be continued for 14 days and can be repeated at 6 monthly intervals.   To remineraliise the enamal, rinse with Colgate Neutrefluor 900 for 1 min after brushing at night. 

Low/Medium Risk Patients 

Use toothpaste with fluoride.
Brush your teeth twice a day.
Floss your teeth in the evening before brushing.
‘Spit don’t rinse’.   After brushing, use your cheeks and tongue to pump the toothpaste around your mouth for 1 minute.  Then take a small sip of water and spit out.  Do not rinse with water afterwards and do not eat or drink before going to bed.  You’re giving yourself a “Mini fluoride treatment” every night.  (This was shown to reduce cavities in children by 26%.)  Especially important here in Brisbane because we don’t have the benefits of fluoride in the water, thanks to Jim Soorly.

Give up Smoking: Yesterday or the day before yesterday.

Treat yourself to an electric toothbrush, either a Colgate or an Oral-B with the small circular head.  You will get there with a manual brush but it will take longer and you will need to be more thorough.

Interdental brushes are useful if you have gum disease and can't floss.

Things that will help

Eliminate sugar between meals (see the diet info)
Drink 6 glasses of water (minimum) per day
Reduce caffeine consumption
Chew sugarless gum (Extra)
Drag yourself in regularly for some of our scolding (sorry, encouragement).
Follow the advice above and you'll deny some poor dentist a healthy income.

It's your call!



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