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Steps to ensure your teeth for life

OK. Shut your eyes and imagine this (don't really shut them, just pretend to shut them). In ten years time, when you go to sleep at night, would you prefer real teeth in your head, or plastic ones you get to keep in a glass of water next to your bed? Most people say "I want the real ones" just to avoid me badgering them.  Let’s assume, however, you really do want to keep your teeth. "What should I be doing Jim?", you ask. "Excellent question", I answer.  An overview of the important rules to follow is below.  Some of these ideas are expanded upon elsewhere, but this is a quick introduction for the attention-span challenged.

1. Diet:

If you have three meals a day and nothing that contains sugar in between, it is almost impossible to get decay. The more stuff with sugar you have between meals (fruit, juice, chocolates, lollies, sugared coffee, soft drinks, assorted other stuff etc.) the more holes you are likely to get.

2. Cleaning:

To prevent gum disease you gotta brush and floss. Once a day is enough. It makes your breath nice and your gums strong.

3. Strong Fillings:

If you have old fillings or your teeth are starting to crack, it is important to have them strengthened before problems occur. If you wait until things begin to hurt, treatment can become much more complicated. (Complicated is a nice way of saying expensive).

4.Regular Visits:

Even when everything is fixed as well as possible, you still have to drag yourself in for a regular pep talk and look see. This is mostly because we like seeing you, but also to pick up little things before they become big things. So that's it in a nutshell. There is more detailed information available below on these and other issues. If your brain isn't hurting too much keep reading, it may save you a lot of physical and financial grief .



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