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Diet Dangers,  Do’s 'n Don'ts

Remember, it pretty much doesn't matter what you have with breakfast lunch and dinner from a tooth point of view.  It's the snacking between meals that does all the damage.  Of course from a health point of view it is very important, but we're just talking teeth here.  Lets look at common in between meal snacks and rate them:

1. Really Bad Foods

Soft drinks - Coke is the main evil here but they're all bad.
Cordials - Normal ones with sugar.
Sports Drinks - Save them for the big race, no other time.
Fruit Juice - Juice is lolly water. High in (natural) sugar and acidic as well!
Lollies - Pretty obvious.
Cough Lollies - Not so obvious.
Dried Fruit - All the sugar is concentrated.
Sugared Coffee and Tea.

2. Fairly Bad Foods

Fruit - Sorry, fruit is a poor in between meal snack. That includes apples (Sugar and acid again!)
Muesli Bars- These things are a real joke. They're really sugar bars.
Biscuits - The better they taste, the worse they are.

3. Good Foods (Things you can have between meals)

Water - water is now cool .
Milk - plain, not flavoured.  Milk also is now cool, ain't life funny?
Cheese - Cheese is the best snack.
Yogurt - the plain stuff, not the ones with fruit.
Vegetables - all vegies are great snacks.

So, the future is in your hands (actually it's probably in the fridge but you know what I mean).



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